Whenever we do a great job, we like to know about it. It lets us know what we’ve done well, and possibly things we can work on to make Wild IT Resources just that little bit better.

Below, some of our previous and on-going clients have decided to write a ‘testimonial’ for Wild IT Resources.

Please check out what our previous clients have had to say about us.



Nathanael Schickedanz, Bateman WA

Steve from Wild IT Resources fixed my machine which was riddled with several rogue (fake) Anti-Virus Trojans (Viruses). It only took a day to remove these, and my computer is as good as new. I was also impressed with the level of customer service and expertise.



Sean M, Willetton

My name is Sean; I use my laptop for mainly Internet and other common software. Not very long ago, my laptop computer was attacked by viruses, spyware and other malicious content. It had slowed down to a crawl, many files did not open and my Internet access was limited, if not cut off. I considered getting it fixed at a local computer shop, but they couldn’t fix my main problem. They managed to get the Internet access back, but not much else.

So instead, I was offered help from Steve at Wild IT Resources, and within days my laptop was clean of the more than 100 viruses and malware that was troubling me before, and as a result was operating at twice its speed. Steve also installed several anti-virus and anti-spyware programs that were much better than the ones I was using before.

I would surely recommend Wild IT Resources to anyone who has computer issues, as I am fully satisfied with the results they have provided.



James M, Peppermint Grove

I have used Steve from Wild IT Resources for a number of home and business related issues. On all occasions, he has given prompt, effective and easy to understand advice and solutions. Steve’s rates are also very reasonable, making him an ideal choice for the budget conscious. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve to new clients, and wish him every success.



The Directors, Evernet PTY LTD

When the decision was made to start importing raw materials from overseas we the Directors needed a system to not only track what we were purchasing but to also allow us to calculate weights for transportation and quotation purposes.

Evernet enlisted the services of Steve from Wild IT and after explaining what was required Steve set out to build a series of fully linked and integrated Excel spreadsheets and templates. Steve not only built the templates he also offered up some very sensible and useable ideas which have since been implemented in the Evernet business model.

The service from Wild IT was at all times professional , courteous and very informative.

The directors of Evernet would have no hesitation in employing Steves and Wild IT’s knowledge and services again.



Bill Graney, Chief Technical Officer

dwellingLIVE, Inc., California, USA

Wild IT Resources responded to my web request immediately. Despite the geographical / time zone differences, we were able to complete our transaction in a short period of time and Steve delivered an excellent product. I would not hesitate to use his services again or to recommend him to associates who have needs that cannot be immediately fulfilled by in-house resources.