IT Technical Support

Itís easy to be lost in the world of technology and sometimes all you need is someone to talk to, or to come out and look at the problem at a price that is affordable for you.

We traditionally donít offer IT Technical Support to big businesses or complex networking solutions Ė thatís not really our game, as Wild IT Resources is more geared up towards the home user and small businesses.

In the past, some of our previous work has been:

  • Install broadband for a client
  • Link Telstra Bigpondís E-mail account to Microsoft Outlook
  • Installing Printers to local machines
  • Scanning and Removal of viruses from desktop and laptop machines
  • Recovery of files that were deleted long ago (even deleted out of the recycling bin)
  • Provide advice on good (and cost-effective) products that are available on the Internet to meet clientsí needs

We are happy to assist with any problems, big or small, that you may have, and we can also recommend products that will meet your needs. However if (for whatever reason) we cannot resolve an IT-related problem for you, we will not charge you a cent for it!